5 Best Duplicate File Finders For Mac – Remove Unwanted Files!

When was the last time you opened the files in your Computer and was annoyed at finding the folders unorganized?

Or when did you didn’t found the clutter in your files?

There must be many photos or music files on your computer which are copies of each other or look alike.

This not only takes the memory of your device but also consumes a lot of your time and invites many malware and viruses.

Even if you organize the files frequently, a large number of duplicate files tend to inexorably appear on your system.

To remove these replicates, there are many duplicate file finders, which are specially designed for Mac to save your life from spending so much time in finding and deleting the files single-handedly.

These suck out the waste files from your Mac in a way that they get deleted permanently, saving you a lot of space.

Here are some top rated Duplicate File Finders for Mac which I’m sure you guys will want to check.

Some of them are free but those with a price are worth it.

#5: DupeGuru

A free application DupeGuru uses a fuzzy matching system that is designed to find the duplicate file names on your Mac.

This app is an interesting one as it can find the file names that are not even the exact duplicates.

It is very safe software, which doesn’t let you delete the files that you don’t mean to.

You can also weed out the files by multiple ways.

It supports around 10 languages and can be run on only Mac OS 10.

#4: MacClean

If you want to decide it yourself what files to keep and what to delete, then you should check out this software named MacClean.

It does an in-depth cleaning by removing all unused junk out of your Mac.

Its feature “Internet Cleanupdeletes all the caches, cookies, saved passwords, or the history from any Web browser.

Not only this, messages or the FaceTime history can also be deleted by using this software.

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#3: PhotoSweeper

If you’re like me, then most of the space on your computer must be consumed by photos.

That too hundreds of those photos that have been taken in the same place, same pose but in a different fraction of seconds.

Then what you need is PhotoSweeper to solve your life issues.

This app is made for deleting the duplicate files based on the size, ratio, shots etc.

It deletes the less good version of the photo which is the smartest feature of this app.

It works with the inbuilt Photos app and along with it also supports other photo apps like Aperture.

It supports multi-core processors because of which it works very fast and you can enjoy great removal experience.

You can download the trial version for free but the full version is available for $9.99.

#2: Duplicate Detective

A simple app, Duplicate Detective does its work very efficiently.

It has a Robust Search Engine that compares the files and searches for the duplicates.

Be it photos, videos, audio files or any archive folder, Duplicate Detective can locate any replicas.

It filters the files by size, name, date etc. and the user has the option of reducing or increasing the minimum duplicate file size.

This can be bought for only $3.99 which is nothing for such darn good features.

#1: Gemini 2

A great application, which uses an exclusive algorithm to find similar files, which are not 100% indistinguishable but that can be considered supererogatory due to little difference between them.

Gemini 2 scans the documents, iTunes and the photos automatically and deletes the duplicate and comparable looking files from your device.

A very user-friendly software, it is the best in the lot for the amateurs.

It removes the unnecessary stuff by dividing them into file types.

In the case of Gemini 2, it has “Been there done that” for me.

And by far, I’ve found this the best one to delete exact same copies of my selfies which have been kept in Mac for years.

The application works with Mac OS X 10.10 and costs $19.95.

You can read complete review on this app by clicking here.

Ending Words

Taken together, these all Duplicate file cleaning Softwares can do wonders to your Macs by deleting gigabytes of unnecessary stuff.

You can download these mentioned ones.

Do tell us about your favorites from these or enlighten us and our readers about some new and your tried ones.

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