5 Best Mac Backup Softwares and Solutions 2022


First things go first.

What if you’re in a Technology Apocalypse?

And all of the computers and Laptops get destroyed, only saving the backups.

So, did you have a backup of your Mac?


Did you say NO?

Then now it’s the time to get a backup because this type of catastrophe is a nightmare and can occur anytime.

We’re listing some of the free and paid Applications for backup.

Do have a read.


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5 Best Backup Software For Mac

#1: Time Machine

time machine mac backup

This free, pre-installed software in Macs is the ultimate software to back up the data brilliantly.

It allows the Mac users to recover the data that has been deleted accidently by them.

Or at the time when the computer is fully crashed and requires re-install, then also Time Machine saves your data with an automatic backup.

Be it USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt; this software works with any of these hard disks when connected to the computer.

This is far much better than copying or cloning a disk to cloud services.

It is very easy to set up and additionally creates a safety net for every Mac customer.

It comes with a lot of features.

It copies everything from files, documents, mails, photos, etc. on your Mac by default only.

Setting up the Time Machine is also very easy.

  • Just attach a hard disc with at least the same space on you Mac.
  • When asked for a backup, accept the same in the dialog box.
  • After you select the drive, Time Machine will start its backup.
  • If you want, you can change the Preference settings for which files you want a backup.

With these simple steps, you can easily backup your stuff on your Mac. Though it takes much time for the backup, still this is the best backup option.

#2: CrashPlan

crashplan mac backup software

An online solution to back up your stuff, CrashPlan is excellent software.

It is an easy to use software in which you just have to install this application and start backing up the files or folders you mean to do.

CrashPlan is capable of pausing and resuming the backup.

It is a great feature because if by chance the electricity goes down or you accidently shuts down your Mac, it will have no effect on the backing up process.

You also have the option of running the backups even every minute.

Restoring data from a backup is also very simple by just clicking the Restore tab in the CrashPlan application and choosing the files that you want to reinstate.

This software is free for local backup.

But if you want to use CrashPlan's servers, then it is for $59.99 per year that too for a single use.

#3: BackBlaze

backblaze mac backup solution

Another online app like CrashPlan, BackBlaze also automates the backup of the folders or your hard drive specifically.

It is much like Time Machine.

The option of choosing the backup speed makes this app more interesting.

It only backs up the data to its servers and not on any local drive, which is kind of a con in my opinion.

It is a very cheap application that can be bought by anyone.

It comes at a price of $5 for a month and $50 for a year, saving you $10.

#4: ChronoSync

chronosync mac backup software

An efficient tool for creating a bootable clone of the startup disc, ChronoSync is a 3-in-1 tool.

It performs bi-directional management between two locations.

It means that it modifies the files on both the main and the backup one.

It also creates Filters for the synchronization.

You can also ‘Push’ or ‘Pull’ the backups from the server or client Macs respectively, according to your need.

It is priced at $49.99.

#5: MacMate

macmate backup software for mac

MacMate, which is a replacement for a discontinued Apple service, MobileMe, offers web hosting, cloud storage, Galleries, and email.

This app provides you 10 GB of storage for free of cost.

You can drag and drop the files or folders into the application, and it will automatically back them up by uploading them on its web servers.

It is very easy to transfer files from Macmate.

The 25 GB storage account will cost you £3.99 per month and a 100 GB storage account for £6.99 a month.

Though it is much expensive than iCloud, it is worth because of its high-end features.

End Words:

Being a little paranoid in the case of backups is okay.

We hope that we’re successful in suggesting you the backup Softwares for your precious stuff on Mac.

We’ll advise you to set a reminder for frequent backups.

Comment below your experiences using these software.

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