Best 10 Internet Browsers For Mac | Safari Alternatives

Are you a Mac user and stuck with using Safari as a default browser?

Then you must pay attention to what I’m going to say next.

There are many Safari alternatives for the Mac users out there to browse the Internet.

Yes, you heard me right.

Apple has this philosophy of making tools that are one-off, but they also want their customers to be loyal to their products.

For that, Apple products like iPhone or Mac are loaded with the default apps.

For instance, the web browser given is Safari, and the e-mail browser is Mail.

But, there are times when we don’t want to use these default apps.

Like in the case of Safari, sometimes we’re not happy with the extension compatibility and want to switch to some other browser.

For that, there are hundreds of Web browsers those can be relied on. Some of them are for all the platforms while some are just tailor-made for the Macs.

Best 10 Internet browsers For Mac

We’ve picked some of the Browsers for Mac from the lot that you can check on and ditch Safari for a while if you want.

1. Google Chrome:

The top-notch browser for any platform is without any doubt Google Chrome.

Yes, I agree that Chrome was launched for Macs a bit late, but that wait was worth.

The best part of this browser is its minimalistic design and Speed.

It comes with a lot of features. And when I say this, I mean A LOT. It is by far the biggest competitor of Safari in the market.

2. Opera:

I think Opera has been there since ages. But don’t let its age fool you.

As it is said that wisdom comes with age, Opera also has become wise regarding features.

Its ‘Mouse Gestures’ and ‘Speed dial’ and ‘Opera Turbo’ features make it different from the other browsers.

3. Mozilla Firefox:

Just like Opera, Firefox is also a veteran. It lets you visit the sites even if you don’t remember their URLs by only typing a keyword of the same.

It has a broad variety of add-ons, which are useful to increase productivity.

You can also bookmark the pages and titles live. Also, it can be said as a Privacy-inclined browser as it let you choose the information you want to share.

4. Camino:

The Mac-only browser Camino is also a great one with a much better user interface for Mac users than Chrome or Firefox.

It has many new features in its latest update like Annoyance Blocking, Malware protection, and Pop-up Blocking. It is much like Firefox, just with the more Apple-friendly edge.

The company no longer develops this browser further, but you can still download the last updated version.

5. Omni Web:

Better known as the Feature-rich browser, Omni Web comes with numerous features like Visual Tabs, adding websites to shortcuts, automatic rendering of web pages, etc.

You can also change the font of any website if it is not up to your liking.

The browser also handles the entire RSS feed which is a great feature.

6. Maxthon:

Apt for seamless browsing, Maxthon is a Multi- platform web browser for Mac users. With many cloud-assimilated features like syncing, sharing and managing files, Maxthon has been a very powerful browser.

If you are the one who wants the Chrome extensions but doesn’t want to use Chrome, then you should go for this one.

7. Torch:

With a unique design, Torch is one of the best browsers for Mac OS X. Based on the Chromium project; it supports every extension of Google Chrome web store.

There are many themes available for the browser and is an important feature for experiment-loving peeps.

It also has features like Torch music, Video Download, Torrent support, etc.

8. Vivaldi:

A new challenger in the game, Vivaldi is out winning many hearts.

Though it uses the same HTML Rendering engine as that of Chrome, still it has covered all the features that are not in the list of other browsers’ characteristics.

It has a unique tab system, which is referred as “Stack.” It also creates notes about every site that you browse. These notes appear when you visit that site.

9. Stainless:

If you’re looking for the Multi- processing Designing of Chrome in some other browser, then you’ll like this browser named Stainless. Started out as a technology demo, now it is a full-fledged browser.

It features a dual-purpose search address bar, which makes searching and navigating very smooth.

10. SeaMonkey:

The newer version of the old-timer browser Netscape, SeaMonkey is an open- source project. It is an all-in-one Internet collection. It supports almost all the add-ons and extensions, which are compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

The con of the mentioned browser is that it doesn’t go with Voice interface, Mouse gestures or Retina Display. It is easy to install and access.

There you go. These are some of the best Internet browsers for the Mac users, which can be used as a substitute to Safari. Explore them and leave us comments sharing your experiences.


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