MacPaw Gemini 2 Review & Tutorial – Intelligent Duplicate File Finder

macpaw gemini 2

MacPaw Gemini 2

Intelligent Duplicate File Finder

Use MacPaw's Gemini 2 to detect and delete duplicate files from your Mac.

The most exasperating thing about being a devoted Mac user is that you ought to use every product launched for the great Mac.

Oh! Did you just say that it’s not an obligatory thing!


... then maybe it’s just me who is always anxious to buy products for my Mac to improve and boost its performance.

I’ve always been an admirer of MacPaw’s products.

Be it CleanMyMac or Hider, I’m using their products, I guess since their inception.

Now when MacPaw has launched its new but not so new app for the App store, how could I remain far behind to use it?

The favorite app of all, Gemini is here to the rescue of the Mac users in a new Avatar Gemini 2.

MacPaw Gemini 2 Review 2016

Like every new version of any app, Gemini 2 has also undergone many changes and improvements.

The app can aptly be said as an “Intelligent Duplicate File Finder.

That is because it not only identifies duplicate files but also uses an exclusive algorithm to find similar files that are not 100% indistinguishable but that can be considered supererogatory due to little difference between them.

The birth giver of this app, Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO of MacPaw, opines this app as a bigger brother of its previous version.

Gemini- The Star Sign? The Twins???

For those ignorant souls about the greatest of the apps present in the App store, let me firstly and fore mostly tell you a little bit about Gemini.

"It is designed for Macs to help users locate and remove duplicate files that have hoarded over time and taken up too much computer space."

I’m kind of a lazy and forgetful sort of person.

I sometimes tend to download or save a single file quite a multiple times.

Or when I edit my photos (shhh!), then the unedited copies that are no longer in need (of course, duh!) are just left in some folder...

...which apparently takes a lot of space on the system.

These must be deleted or sorted out so as to clean the space and make the system work faster.


…Who in the world has so much time to sit and weed out extra photos, documents, and other media files single-handedly?

For such slothful people, Gemini 2 is nothing but a boon.

The main quality of this app includes scanning the documents, iTunes and the photos automatically and deletes the duplicate and comparable looking files from your device.

That means you don’t have to click 10 ‘similar’ selfies of yourself and to marvel for hours that how you look so same in every picture.

Impressive, eh?

But this doesn’t mean that the app takes all the responsibilities on its shoulders giving you ample of time to be a couch potato and watch Sitcoms.

The FINAL decision only lies in your hands.

You can review the files you want to delete or those you want to keep that can come handy in the future.

The Magic Procedure - How To Use Gemini?

The main screen has a very minimalist interface which has been made especially for the users who believe in the plain Jane concept.

It welcomes you with nothing fancy but a large “Plus sign.

MacPaw Gemini 2 welcome screen

Here you can add or drag/drop the files you want to examine for the replicates.

select folder in Gemini 2

After adding the files, just click on the “Green scan button” to find all the duplicate files.

Scan for duplicates on mac

It will just take some seconds to do a thorough scan of each and every folder of your device, or the one you have selected and then identify the files that are believed to be the duplicates.

It also displays a guess of how much space can be regained.

Scan Duplicates Mac

After the results of the duplicate files are revealed in front of you, a circular ring appears that shows you where those files lay when you linger the cursor over it.

Scan Completed MacPaw Gemini.

If you want to review the results, then there is also an option for that.

The list opens in the list or the grid form.

MacPaw Gemini Review files

You can check the properties of that file by double-clicking the thumbnail.

Selections can be made from the list...

Select Duplicate Files in Gemini

... and then they can be deleted by just clicking on a button present on the bottom right corner of the page.

MacPaw Gemini 2 Clean Duplicate Files on Mac

Note: The files that are removed by Gemini 2 are firstly moved to the Trash of the system. It is to safeguard the things. If you like to live your life on the brink of the cliff, then you can change this setting by going to Preferences > Removal.

Gemini Files Removal Preferences

Gemini 2 also provides an option of Smart Cleanup.

This option emetics anything that is selected as a ‘duplicate.’

It is much faster and efficient.

Gemini Smart Cleanup MacPaw

But not for the ones who have the habit of clicking the pictures of a single thing from hundred angles.

This is because Gemini 2 uses around 10 different parameters to detect the duplicities and the similarities.

The App is loaded with a lush set of customizations.

You get an option of restricting the deletion to only exact duplicate files and excluding the similar folders.

In-app notifications of your progress can be enabled or disabled.

MacPaw Gemini in-app Notifications

You can delimit the file extensions that should be ignored by the app while performing the scan.

MacPaw Gemini Files Extension

Also, new rules can be added to the dash.

The app lets you choose where the deleted files should be sent other than the Trash folder; where they are sent by default.

The duplicates can be replaced by the ‘hard links.’

These allow the contents of a file to emerge to subsist in more than one location.

Gemini Duplicate File Removal Method


I will pay particular mention to one feature that other critics must have found needless, but I personally have found quite attention grabbing.

That is the chart of your achievements gained in the app in a Game-style view.

It allows the users to get a “Rank” for them.

The more you use Gemini 2, the higher level you’ll get to.

MacPaw Gemini Rank

By clicking on the "star icon" present on the upper-right corner, one can see where they currently stand and what rank have they achieved.

For less frivolous peeps out there (read boring), this can be disabled in the preferences option.

The only minus point of this app is that it is kept at a price that is double than its previous version.

This peachy app, if combined and used with CleanMyMac, which is another great product by MacPaw only, can do wonders to your device.

Gemini 2 has been crafted in a very user-friendly manner.

Now the process of deleting the needless files is just a mere click away.

It is available on the company’s site for $19.95, which is a good deal for its previous version’s loyal users.

All current Gemini users can upgrade to Gemini 2 with a lifetime 50% off discount.

The trial version of Gemini 2 scans your files but is only proficient of removing 500MB of identical files.

By unlocking the full version of Gemini 2, you will be able to remove an unlimited amount of duplicates.

To unlock the full version of Gemini 2 you must purchase it from the App Store or from the MacPaw Website.

Overall Review





Simple but attractive concept



Comes in a lot & are Efficient


Comfort of use



Customer support

Very Accessible & Easy in nature





Like a great saying, “Lannisters always pay their debt”.

MacPaw is also paying or say spreading immense happiness to its users by launching these kinds of applications.

macpaw gemini 2

MacPaw Gemini 2

Intelligent Duplicate File Finder

Use MacPaw'sGemini 2 to detect and delete duplicate files from your Mac.

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