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Get lots of handpicked apps for your Mac device all at one place.

Time consumption is always a very good thing.

If you see historically, you will get to know that all the millionaires and billionaires around the world utilized their time in the best way.

But what we look around the world is very different now, people don’t care for the time at all, and you can rarely find a single person who is very punctual towards any task.

It is all because of the new technologies that have added to our lives.

We spend a lot of time in using our mobile phones and accessing various new technologies through it.

Various new apps are getting launched every day, and as we get attracted to these apps, we spend our lots of time either in downloading them or accessing them.

Not only that, it has been observed that people spend lots of money on some of the apps they use on their smartphones as the apps might be paid ones.

However, we don’t find any fun in using various kinds of apps for several purposes and spending a huge amount of money on those apps.

That is why we have found an app using which you will not only save your lots of money, but you will also save your good amount of time.

The name of the app is SetApp, and it is specifically designed for Mac users only.

Before reviewing about what’s good and what’s bad in the app, let’s find out what the app is actually all about.

What is SetApp?

SetApp subscription service for mac apps

In this new generation, people is fond of using various kinds of new apps and using all the features in them, and as they get fond of such apps, many of those apps ask for subscription fees.

Now suppose you are using 10 such apps in your apple device, and for all those 10 apps you need to pay $10 subscription fees, and in total, you will need to pay $100 which is a huge amount just for accessing some particular apps.

So for your help, SetApp is an app that contains lots of handpicked apps all at one place, and you don’t even need to pay for their subscription fees separately.

All you need to do is to subscribe to the SetApp, and the app will hand over you the best of apps that you can use at a single place.

SetApp Folder

Two of the best mac apps which I found in SetApp are CleanMyMac and Gemini. If you purchase just these 2 apps separately, you'll have to spend $60 in total but in SetApp, these apps are included in your subscription. Isn't a great deal?

So, now you don’t need to shift from one app to another app for some kinds of works as all would be done at one place.

For using the SetApp, you need to create your account, and then you will have access to the app.

SetApp Signup

However, if you want to have the full access, you need to pay a monthly subscription fees of just $9.99 which is very less compared to various other apps available in Apple app store.

You can try the app for a month, and that is absolutely free, it means that there are no hidden charges or credit cards required for it.

As now you are known about the app, let’s dig into the features that it offers.

SetApp Features

1. Lots of Amazing Apps

The most important feature that it has, that it gives you lots of apps at a single place.

All these apps are really handy and useful for every Mac user, and the app has made sure that the money that you spent on its subscription, shouldn’t go in vain.

These apps are handpicked and are placed according to the taste of the user.

You will get these amazing apps in the SetApp folder.

SetApp Folder

and these...

SetApp Folder apps

and many more...

2. Quick Search

After installing the SetApp, you can search for your desired apps directly from the SetApp search box. No need to hunt for apps in its folder.

setapp search box

3. Single Fee For All Apps

Another benefit that you will have from this app that you need not to pay for any upgrades fees for the apps.

The company says that the apps included in the app are all yours that means you don’t need to pay for any upgrades; all you need to pay for is the subscription fee of the SetApp which is less than the price of two coffee cups actually.

4. Free From Irritating Ads

Everyone gets irritated with the ads and bugs found in their various apps present in the app store.

But, SetApp has made sure that you wouldn’t feel any kind of problem while accessing the app and you wouldn’t get to see any kinds of ads or any promotional banners while accessing the app.

5. It's Authentic

For an authenticity of the app, the app has been already reviewed by several big names including Cult of Mac, Apple Insider, Macworld, TNW, Venture Beat, Mac Rumors, Life Hacker, etc.

SetApp Reviews

All these names have reviewed the app and have left a positive review for the app.

Our Review about the App

The app is very finely designed and made, and it makes sure that you don’t find any kinds of problem accessing any app included in the SetApp and thus the makers have created a very user-friendly interface for everyone that even a non-technological person will also access it very easily.

The features that the app is providing are huge like you can’t even buy a single app sometimes in your app store, and here you will get full access to a bunch of apps for a very minimal price i.e. just $9.99 per month.

If for someone this amount also feels expensive even after the number of apps and the quality of apps that it is providing then the person should go and get a life, as for us, it is the best deal one can ever get for the best use of their Apple devices.

We had observed that people were facing some kind of issues in finding the perfect app for their use from the app store, as there are lots of options available and you can’t be sure which the best one is.

Here SetApp has ensured that you will access only those apps that are worth spending your precious time and hence they have handpicked the best apps for you.

We end this review by concluding that SetApp will definitely change the life of many Mac users and this app will soon become a big and most trending news in the world for its number of downloads.

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