7 Best Ways To Speed Up Mac – Mac Cleaning Tips

Have you ever wondered...

... why your once ‘so Fast and Furious like Porsche’ Mac starts behaving like a maniac when you’re desperate enough to work on it?

The Dear friend of ours is best at showing tantrums when we need it the most.

I look back to the days when my Mac was brand new and everything opened in microseconds.

But now...

... I hate when a beach ball or a rainbow colored ball occurs from nowhere whenever I’m trying to open some app.

A ball like this is only liked in a match or while partying at a beach.

But it surely annoys me if it tends to appear every time in the middle of some important task.

This happens either because your Mac is running slow or you haven’t cleaned the system in a while.

Whatever the reason is; the result is always that there will be a delay in your work.

It’s quite ironical that you have to read the ways to speed up the device online, and this also is reducing the speed.

But, you also can’t deny the fact that this is THE most important thing to do.

Speed Up Mac

Now, without spending much time in checking your patience, let me come straight to the point and tell you some ways that I think will suit you when you’ve to boost up the speed of your Mac.

These are the tried and proven tips and tricks which will surely do wonders to your Mac.

1. Cleaning the Desktop:

You go to someone’s house.

They make you sit in a Living Room that is full of dirt, scrap, used utensils and unwashed clothes all over the couches.

What impression will you make from the scene?

That’s quite obvious that no one will prefer to witness such a scene, and this will only low down the status of the home.

A similar thing goes with your device in which desktop is the living room.

Try keeping fewer icons on the dock.

Each time the system is turned on; every present thing on the desktop gets loaded.

This not only lessens the speed but also consumes time.

This will ensure that the performance of your Mac gets improved in every manner.

2. Keeping a check on the Activity Monitor:

One tip to increase the speed is to monitor the Activity Monitor.

This option is present in the Utilities section and can be easily seen.

Mac Activity Monitor

All the processes in the Mac are shown there and you can choose to delete applications that are using the most resources.

Activity Monitor My Processes

3. Updating Software:

One thing to keep in mind is to keep the software of Mac updated.

In fact, you should always keep the updates, especially the software one on Auto mode.

Check for Updates option can be found in the menu bar.

Update Mac Software

4. Reducing Login items:

Booting up the Mac can sometimes be slow due to some items opened at the startup.

These are launched by default.

These should be removed so as to make the pace of the system stable.

You can make a setting convenient for you by going into System Preferences and clicking Login items.

Mac Login Items

5. Cleaning the Hard Drive:

The best way to boost the speed and performance of Mac is to clean the space on the hard drive.

Just do a scan through the Users folder to get rid of the unwanted applications.

These applications can be caches, logs or hidden trash.

Clear Cache Mac

6. Using Cleaning tools:

Cleaning your Macbook regularly is very essential.

Many files clog up the system thus making it run slow.

By using a tool like CleanMyMac3, one can do the cleaning session in seconds.

It is one of our favorites by MacPaw.

It cleans Mac by scanning the present files.

7. Maintaining and Optimizing:

A regular health check up is mandatory for the body to work fine.

Just like that, machines also need a routine maintenance and repairing.

A proper backup of files should be maintained and unwanted or similar files and data should be deleted.

Gemini 2 is such a tool for finding and deleting duplicate or similar looking files.

If you’re having much problem with the speed of your Mac, then you can also repair the disk.

This can be done by going to Disk Utility and clicking Verify Disk.

Mac Disk Utility

One can’t ignore the fact that no matter how much we say that Macs are the best computers, at one point we have to believe that it is also a machine that can go wrong anytime.

But with some tips mentioned above you can boost up the speed and performance of your Mac.

That’s it, Folks!

You can share in the comments your own used tricks to improve the pace of Mac and enlighten your fellow readers.

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